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  • Are you trying your best but continue to self sabotage?

  • Do you ever experience feelings of fear, rejection or isolation?

  • Are you tired of being stuck?

  • Deep down do you crave love and acceptance?

  • Do you believe there’s a way forward but it seems just out of reach?

Our proven, compassion led approach combined with fun and community has reached thousands of people, allowing them to get free, stay free and help set others free.


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'AMAZING! I recommend Liebusters to my family, my friends and my colleagues.'

What is Lie Busting?

Liebusting is the most powerful TOTAL FREEDOM tool available today! It’s fast, simple and gentle. It can be applied one on one, one to many and to organisations, situations and locations. Each session takes 60 to 90 minutes and can be done in person but usually online. 


Jonathan and Helena Cavan founded Liebusters in 2013 after 17 years of marital struggles that no other all other tools, therapists or counsellors could help with. One night God showed them how to deal with generational issues and parts of themselves that had become emotionally stuck. Liebusters was born!


How hungry are you? Do you believe that you can be 100% spiritually and emotionally FREE if yes you are in the right place, if not you are also in the right place. You can start with the BOOK or you can book a SESSION or jump right into our ONLINE LEARNING COMMUNITY - you choose.